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"It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the world in which we all live." - Dalai Lama

our practices

The textile industry is one of the three biggest pollutants in the industry. It is imperative to rethink production methods and the reuse of raw materials.

Our method is artisanal, slow fashion . The colors and patterns are designed to create timeless pieces. The shapes are simple, the materials are of high quality, all with a view to increasing the life cycle of the parts.

By giving this durability to our articles, which can pass between siblings, family, friends, subsequent generations, we stop the constant need for excessive consumption and disposal.

current cycle

The long years of fast fashion leave irreparable marks on the environment.

The excessive use of resources, the application of chemicals, disposable clothing, are behaviors to be urgently avoided.

As mothers, in particular, we have become increasingly aware of the true cost of these practices. The environmental impact is brutal and our future is at stake.

The sustainable concept is thus no longer a differentiating factor. It is now a mandatory factor to be present in the minds of those who produce and those who consume.

GOTS vs Okeo-Tex

Our materials are Oeko-Tex or GOTS certified.

The fibers we are looking for are organic, recycled or natural.

We look for them to always come from conscious production. Whether in the use of few resources, whether in pesticides or chemicals, they are harmful to the skin and the environment.

We try to work with suppliers as closely as possible, geographically.

Zero Waste Modeling

When designing our pieces, all parts of the fabrics are used, fitted together like a puzzle.

So we try to take advantage of all the raw material and reduce our environmental footprint.

By giving this durability to our articles, we want them to pass between siblings, family, friends and the next generations, interrupting the constant need for excessive consumption and disposal.


From fabric scraps we create pieces. We take advantage of the material and create a unique and creative piece. It creates involvement and naturally, more individuality to those who use it.  

Our entire process, from the purchase of materials to the finished piece, is a process of conscious choices aimed at reducing our ecological footprint.

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