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our history


Moku is a project born in Madeira Island in 2020, created by a mother and daughter.

The world challenged us and we gained the courage to apply the creativity that always existed in us when we were caught in a pandemic.


Amidst the uncertainty of these strange new times, we wanted to channel our energy into positive things and we felt a possibility for change.

The certainty was that we wanted to create. 

Amidst the chaos, an incessant search began. Seek to materialize the creative spirit accordingly and respect for our home. Our planet.

Our process is all handcrafted. From the pieces to the labels. Our choices are always conscious.

All pieces are handcrafted, giving each one an inevitable unique personality.

A team of two, which we hope to see grow.

Molds, cut and design are the domain of the Mother. A creative, ingenious and talented soul.

Concept, promotion and design of the brand are the daughter's world. A restless mind.

Together we create timeless, practical collections, with our greatest engine, creativity. We are always looking for solutions in everything, conscious options in a constant learning process.

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